My Fitness Journey

Soloman has had a passion for fitness from his early teenage years, from playing football to track & field. From the age of 20 he started building an interest in training at the gym to the point of athlete body building. In 2014 he became fully qualified to share his knowledge; working with individuals and groups around the U.K and internationally helping them to achieve their goals via a healthier, active lifestyle.

Since 2014 he became more aware that you cannot out train a bad diet and believes more individuals need to take on this concept. To apply simple changes like a healthy breakfast makes a big impact for the rest of the day.

Qualifications Obtained

  • Active IQ level 3 Diploma in personal Training and Business Skills for Fitness professionals – focus fitness (Anatomy & Physiology, Hypotrophy Training, Energy Systems, Health and safety programmes & Planning/Delivery and Business)
  • Active IQ level 3 Nutrition Dietician (Diversing meal plans to meet clients preferences on food either for religious or personal reasons)
  •  SkilsActive REPS Boxercise (Boxercise boxing and exercise into great fun. Effective forms of cross-training it combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy’s systems. with recruiting fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibres in a manner that ensures a diverse workout, but also enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing. Boxercise classes are always fun great to let go of any crush holds and addictive)
  • SkillsActive level 2 Kettlebell Training Instructor (Clean & jerk, Power snatches, Hung cleans, Rows and variations, German Volume Training, Anatomical Adaption, Training Circles & Functional Hypotrophy Workouts)


Offering the following

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training Private Gym studio
  • Group Training
  • Online Support
  • Nutrition support & Advice
  • Body Composition Evaluation
  • Free Fitcamps

Contact him today (via the contact page) for more information to begin your fitness journey.